Protected areas Déserteur lake Heronry

Aire faunique communautaire (AFC) du réservoir Gouin


Site of interest : Protected areas

Déserteur lake Heronry

Geographic coordinates

48°33’35,6′ ‘ N, 74°21’00,2’ ‘ O




A heron nesting site is a place where herons nest and raise their young during the summer season.

The Déserteur lake heronry is a protected area under Québec wildlife protection law. The ministry of forests, game and parks is responsible for the protection of the site. Its surface area is 35.84 hectares.

The Great Blue heron is particularly sensitive to disturbances during its nesting period. Great Blue Heron adults will abandon their young should they be disturbed too greatly. It is strongly advised to observe the heron nesting site from a large distance in order to minimize the disruption to the birds.


The Great Blue heron is a large bird, measuring more than a meter when its neck is elongated. The picture of a patient fisherman, the Great Blue heron will wait immobile as a statue before seizing its prey.

At the Gouin reservoir, the Great Blue heron’s nesting period begins at the end of April and finishes in mid August. At the beginning of their nesting season, Great Blue heron couples will choose to construct a new nest or reuse their nest from the preceding year. Their nests are built in treetops, and can measure about 1 meter in diameter.