Protected areas Projected biodiversity reserve : Sikitakan Sipi

Aire faunique communautaire (AFC) du réservoir Gouin


Site of interest : Protected areas

Projected biodiversity reserve

Sikitakan Sipi

Geographic coordinates


10, 11 & 12


The Sikitakan Sipi is a projected biodiversity reserve created June 11th 2008 by virtue of Québec conservation laws. Permanent protected status will be given to this territory after public consultation.

It’s surface area measures 91,4 km2. The name Sikitakan Sipi comes from the Atikamekw language, the local indigenous community. It translates to «garden of the river».  Within this biodiversity reserve, we can find ecosystems that represent the natural region of the Gouin reservoir depression.



A biodiversity reserve has the goal of protected a territory that comprises ecosystems that are representative of an ecological unit (ex: a natural region). Protected areas (such as biodiversity reserves, national parks, ecological reserves, etc…) aim to protect all the diversity within the ecosystems present in Québec territory.

The protection of these natural spaces is enabled by prohibiting activities whose impact may have major consequences on the ecosystem and its biodiversity. Industrial activities are thus, often prohibited. That being said, recreational activities, ecotourism, and educational activities are permitted when they do not threaten biodiversity. In these cases, it is permitted to visit and camp in these protected areas. The flora and fauna must always be respected, and the protected area must be left in its original state – leaving no trace of a visit.